Repair containers PHM

Revision tank means

  • flow meters Enterprise
  • inspection of fire extinguishers and equipment
  • leak testing purpose superstructures and tanks
  • leak tests and pressure tests superstructures and tanks according to ADR, in cooperation with TÜV CZ
  • inspection of pressure vessels
  • revision braking system air reservoirs

Repairs tank means

  • overhaul of superstructures
  • repair of flow meters
  • repair counters
  • repair of pumps
  • repair of hydraulic motors
  • repair dispensers
  • hosetails installation and adjustment hoses to the required dimensions
  • repairs alternators and starters
  • repair of fiberglass tanks
  • removal and installation of utility superstructure
  • vehicle coating (paint booth DURST)
  • welding stainless steel, aluminum
  • replacement chassis

Delivery of spare parts, equipment and accessories Automotive TANKS

  • couplings, reducers and adapters
  • seal
  • hose Fittings
  • hoses, rubber, composites
  • dispensing
  • flow meter
  • pumps
  • shut-off valves
  • ADR equipment

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